Social Media Associate (Social copywriter)

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full Time

the challenge:

India has become the 5th largest economy in the world, but ~360 million are “poor” (using Government metrics), and 145 million live below the poverty line. This inequity is unacceptable. About 3.4% of our annual budget or 0.28% of the income of the top 1% of our population would lift and could bring everybody above the poverty line, however, this is complex and we need the best of human intellects to be focused on solving it.

about us:

The/Nudge Foundation exists to alleviate poverty. We are a collective of some of India’s best leaders and entrepreneurs from across the industry, academia, government, and the development sector, passionately working on ways to address poverty sustainably and at scale.

In the five years since our inception, we have worked on a range of initiatives including developing innovative programs that enable underprivileged youth to lead flourishing lives, adapting evidence-based approaches to enable rural families to come out of extreme poverty, and incubating 80+ nonprofits focused on solving India’s biggest challenges. We have also used the knowledge and networks developed through our work to impact policy, address ecosystem barriers and launch scale programs.

We are now building on our capabilities and work to embark on an ambitious effort to nurture select “social transformations” (i.e., using effective solutions to create pathways to scale that address the underlying problem; examples of such transformations include microfinance and the white revolution). These transformations (or “programs” as we call them) will be anchored in “centers” which will provide domain expertise, connection to the broader ecosystem, and thought partnership.  The centers will also be thought leaders in their space and influence the broader ecosystem (including policy and practice). There will also be horizontal teams, e.g., Impact & Evaluation, Technology, and Data & Insights, that all the programs and centers will use. These teams will also be seen as exemplars in their space and will influence the broader ecosystem.

In this role you will be

  • Writing, publishing engaging content and audience interaction on various social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Analyzing and reporting target audience's social media activity, interaction and growth
  • Optimizing social media posts (language, tone, message) based on target audience's behaviors.

You need to come with 

  • 3-5 years of experience
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Creative thinking ability 
  • Ability to work with digital media
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders
  • Ability to think on the feet

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Compensation in NGOs, including The/Nudge, is, unfortunately, way lower than for-profits.

The/Nudge Foundation is a high-energy fast-growing non-profit and will involve significant involvement and time commitment.