Centre for Rural Development (CRD)

Manager/Senior Manager, Product Management, Asha Kiran

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh   |   Full Time

The Challenge:

India has become the 5th largest economy in the world, but ~360 million are “poor” (using Government metrics) and 145 million live below the poverty line. This inequity is unacceptable. About 3.4% of our annual budget or 0.28% of the income of the top 1% of our population would lift and could bring everybody above the poverty line, however this is complex and we need the best of human intellects to be focussed on solving it.

About Us:

The/Nudge Foundation exists to alleviate poverty. We are a collective of some of India’s best leaders and entrepreneurs from across industry, academia, government, and the development sector, passionately working on ways to address poverty sustainably and at scale.

In the five years since our inception, we have worked on a range of initiatives including developing innovative programs that enable underprivileged youth to lead flourishing lives, adapting evidence-based approaches to enable rural families to come out of extreme poverty, and incubating 60+ nonprofits focused on solving India’s biggest challenges. We have also used the knowledge and networks developed through our work to impact policy, address ecosystem barriers and launch scale programs.

We are now building on our capabilities and work to embark on an ambitious effort to nurture six to eight “social transformations” (i.e., using effective solutions to create pathways to scale that address the underlying problem; examples of such transformations include microfinance and the white revolution). These transformations (or “programs” as we call them) will be anchored in “centers” which will provide domain expertise, connection to the broader ecosystem and thought partnership.  The centers will also be thought leaders in their space and influence the broader ecosystem (including policy and practice). There will also be horizontal teams, e.g., Impact & Evaluation, Technology, and Data & Insights, that all the programs and centers will use. These teams will also be seen as exemplars in their space and will influence the broader ecosystem.

 The Spirit of The/Nudge

Honesty towards our purpose | Empathy towards others | Continuous innovation | Focused on scale | Impatience towards our goals

At The/Nudge Center for Rural Development you will

Source CSO Partnerships

  • Build a network of civil society organisations working on sustainable livelihoods (urban or rural).

  • Source proposals from CSOs for implementation of aforementioned thematic areas.

  • Validate design, input-output-outcomes-impact framework of incoming proposals.

  • Conduct due diligence and capability evaluation of CSOs.

Build Program Strategy & Design

  • Identify and qualify geographical areas for focus in alignment with priorities of state rural livelihood missions.

  • Work with government liaison team, M&E team and other functions to sharpen strategy and implementation design.

  • Build and iterate overall theory of change for program implementation ( sustainable livelihoods).

  • Build integrated govt, CSO, and private sector partnership strategy and design.

  • Work with M&E team to translate outcomes framework to implementation via IT infra and solutions.

Program Management

  • Actively listen to feedback from CSOs and other stakeholders to sharpen design.

  • Implement design and ensure adherence to design, its processes and outcomes.

  • Abstract key learnings from partners’ programs and identify improvements as well as potential new designs for experimentation.

  • Work with M&E team to monitor progress of projects by CSOs - conduct frequent field visits to validate data received.

  • Build capacity of implementing partners and help improve design and implementation.

  • Work with government liaison team to help CSOs leverage government schemes, subsidies & resources.

  • Engage with govt, private and other stakeholders to build win-win and long-term partnerships.

We’re looking for a leader who is strongly motivated to make a difference and do meaningful work. Apply if you have:

  • Experience in designing products/programs/interventions in the development sector / other sectors.

  • At least 3 years of work experience.

would be great if you have (not mandatory):

  • Experience managing orgs working on sustainable livelihoods.

  • Experience working in government roles – especially rural portfolios (agriculture, irrigation, tribal & social welfare, SRLMs).

  • Experience managing livestock programs.

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